ProViSION for Nature and Society


Conférence Permanente du Développement Territorial (CPDT)

Research and Education Programme | Dept. of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning (ASRO)


Local Agenda 21 «Sustainable Sofia»

National Research Programme – Estimation of Potential Losses from Seismic Risk in Urban Areas

National Research Programme for Urban Territories — “Dynamic Cities Atlases”

National Research Programme for National Transport Systems (BNSDI)


Programme for the Support of Young Researchers

Research for Enterprises – Information Technologies and Telecommunication Applications in the Service Sector

Thematic Actions – Specific Action: Sustainable Development


Partnerships in Basic Research

Research Projects


Life Quality

TARGET Research Programmes


Agència d’Ecologia Urbana de Barcelona

Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad en España (OSE)

Dirección General de Suelo y Políticas Urbanas


Ageing and Housing

PUCA (Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture)

Concertation, decision, environment (CDE)

Cultures, cities and social dynamics

Interdisciplinary Research Programme «City and Environment» (PIRVE)

Landscapes and sustainable development

Mobility and Urban Territories


Application-oriented cooperative RTD activity

National Research and Development Programmes of the Széchenyi Plan


State of the Environment Report (SOER)

Países Bajos


Economic Evolution in Space

Multi-actor Systems

Network Cities

Real Estate Management and Project Management

Social Cohesion

Reino Unido

Building Knowledge for a Changing Climate (BKCC)

Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change in the Urban Environment (ASCCUE)

Adaptable Urban Drainage – Addressing Change in Intensity, Occurrence and Uncertainty of Stormwater

Economic and Social Information for Examining the Effects of Climate Change

Climatic Research Unit

Cities: Competitiveness and Cohesion

Engineering Cities: How can cities grow while reducing vulnerability and emissions?

Glasgow Centre for Population Health’s Programme on Healthy Urban Planning

GoWell: Glasgow Community Health and Wellbeing Research and Learning Programme

London and the Thames Gateway Super-Project

London Thames Gateway Development Corporation


Staden offentliga rum / Public space

Staden som livsmiljö / Liveable Cities


Sustainable Development of the Built Environment – National Research Programme NRP 54

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