The installation and activation must be followed by calibration, which will be done with a workshop card for calibration, up to a maximum of two weeks after activation, or after the vehicle registration if this takes place later.

The calibration involves the updating or confirming of the vehicle’s settings which are to be stored in the memory:

  1. Vehicle registration.
  2. Chassis number.
  3. Member state where registered.
  4. Kilometres.
  5. Time.
  6. Adjustment value of the speed limiter.
  7. Tyre size.
  8. Effective tyre circumference. (L=mm).
  9. Characteristic vehicle coefficient (W=im/km).
  10. Control device constant (K=im/km).
  11. Identification data for the motion sensor.

Once the Control Device has been installed and checked, an installation plate must be placed on or near it.

The plate must show:

  1. Full name, full password and address of the Workshop installer.
  2. Characteristic vehicle coefficient in the form W=im/km.
  3. Control device constant in the form K=imp/Km.
  4. Effective tyre circumference in the form L=mm.
  5. Tyre size.
  6. Date on which the characteristic coefficient of the vehicle and the effective circumference of the wheels were measured.
  7. Chassis number (UIN).
  8. Manufacturing number of the vehicle unit.

The workshop card for calibration must be assigned to one person, and it must show the first and last names.

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