Application, renewal and replacement

Manufacturers and legal representatives of foreign manufacturers with production facilities in Spain can apply for workshop cards if their vehicles require the installation of digital tachographs. This includes:

  • Manufacturers of bodywork for coaches and buses which are required to be equipped with digital tachographs.
  • Manufacturers and legal representatives of foreign manufacturers of digital tachographs and their concessionary workshops.
  • Vehicle repair workshops dealing with mechanical or electrical problems.
  • Official vehicle inspection (ITV) centres.

Royal Decree 425/2005 specifies the technical requirements and regulations which have to be complied with by the workshops for installing, checking, controlling and inspecting digital tachographs.

The centres which calibrate equipment must offer proof that both their workshop manager and the employees working with tachographs have taken a course qualifying them for calibrating digital tachographs.

The application for new workshop cards, renewals or replacements should be made via:

  • Written application using the model: the applications should be submitted to the competent road transport authority in the place where the workshop has its main office.
  • Internet without certificate: the representative of the workshop can fill in the whole application form online and submit it to the competent authority.
  • Internet with certificate: if the workshop representative has a class 2A certificate (as issued by CERES) with a digital signature.

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