DriversThe driver’s card identifies the driver and makes it possible to store the data on his or her activity for at least the previous 28 days (31 for cards issued in Spain), and is valid for five years. The contents and characteristics of the driver’s card are specified in section IV of annex I B of Regulation (EEC) number 3821/85, of 20 December, 1985.

The driver’s card is personal and cannot be withdrawn or suspended during its period of validity under any circumstances, unless it is proved to have been forged, or that the driver is using a card of which he is not the holder or which has been obtained under false pretences or using forged documents.

The driver may only hold one driver’s card. He or she may only use his or her own card and must not use a defective driver’s card, or one which has expired, or which has been lost or stolen.

Driver’s card

Driver’s card. Front and back.

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