The driver card stores information for at least the previous 28 days, and this information can be examined by the control bodies.

The data stored in the card include:

  1. The holder’s first and last names and date of birth.
  2. The number of the card, the Member State, issuing authority and issuing date.
  3. Date from which it is valid and expiry date.
  4. Number of driving licence, Member State and issuing

  5. Date and time when the card was inserted in the tachograph.
  6. Number of kilometres driven by the vehicle at the time of insertion.
  7. Date and time of removal of the card.
  8. Number of kilometres driven by the vehicle at the time of removal.
  9. Vehicle registration number and Member State in which it is registered.
  10. Driver’s actions during the time the card is inserted.
  11. Country where the workday begins and ends.*
  12. Distance travelled by the driver.
  13. Incidents or events resulting from manipulation or incorrect use of the tachograph.
  14. Functional faults such as faults in the sensor, tachograph, etc.
  15. Most recent checks carried out on the card.
  16. Specific conditions: driving outside the control area and while on a ferry or train.

* Within Spain, in the case of domestic transport, the symbols corresponding to the autonomous regions in which the workday begins and ends must be indicated in addition to the country’s (E).

Driver’s card

Driver’s card. The two sides of the card.

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