The European Community has sought to take advantage of the technology available to improve safety by registering the driver’s times and speeds. The new system is much more difficult to tamper with illegally and offers controlling authorities greater control over driving times. This will improve aspects such as:

  • Road safety.
  • Respect for labour legislation.
  • A safer framework for competition between different operators.

All the information exchanged between the sensor and the vehicle unit will be encrypted, thus preventing any possible interception. In addition, the vehicle unit registers any attempt to modify the system, including changes to the wire, sensor or vehicle unit.

Moreover, the information between the inserted card and the tachograph is also encrypted, and the tachograph rejects any cards which do not have a digital signature from the corresponding European authority (ERCA) and a Member State, in our case Spain.

In addition, the tachograph and sensor must be installed using seals to prevent tampering with the connections. For this purpose:

  • Any connection which, if disconnected, could lead to undetectable tampering or loss of data must be sealed.
  • An installation plaque must be included. This must also be sealed, unless it is attached in such a way that it cannot be removed without destroying the information displayed on it.

Since it uses digital technology, the new tachograph allows companies to use the technology for other purposes, such as fleet management.


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