The Regulation 2135/98 sets 5 May, 2004 as the deadline for presenting driver’s cards. However the Commission, as a result of the delay in the homologation of digital tachographs, has extended the deadline by one year, so that digital tachograph cards may be requested from 5 May, 2005.

The cards may be requested from the Regional Transport Office in the province where the applicant has his usual residence, in the case of driver’s, company and workshop cards. The control card must be requested through the organisation of which the applicant is a member.

Users who hold a class 2A digital certificate issued by CERES or a similar organisation can also request cards over the Internet. In this case the applicant must go to the Regional Transport Office to collect the card and to accredit his or her identity before the official who issues the card. If no digital certificate is available, the application form may also be completed over the Internet and printed at home to accelerate the proceedings when it is presented at the Regional Transport Office.

The details of the application, renewal or replacement of each of the card may be consulted in the corresponding sections.


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